Blue Star Opportunities Corp. is a supplier of environmentally friendly materials used in the construction and renovation of residential, multi-unit residential, commercial and retail developments. Its Duro Design brand has been a long established leader in the US market selling through a network of hundreds of resellers nationwide. Duro Design's product range consists of building materials that are traditionally made of wood; such as flooring, interior doors, wall and ceiling panelling.

New Showrooms Under Construction

Some 25 to 30 factory outlets are in the process of being opened in most major markets across North America to offer high end custom green flooring at direct and very competitive prices.

State of the art Duro-Design showrooms are currently being readied in high traffic areas offering cork, bamboo, strand, FSC woods, tamarindo, and more in unprecedented beauty and color choice. We will continue to introduce new and exciting lines.

Join us in meeting the ever growing demand for environmentally-friendly, certified leading-edge materials in the retail residential housing and construction and commercial installation markets. Our use of renewable and sustainable flooring materials, coupled with our low-VOC finishing system will continue demonstrating our commitment to environmental design.

Industry Overview

The wood flooring market is a multi-billion dollar global one, with the bulk of products, perhaps as much as 98%, coming from poorly or completely unregulated forests, with producers caring little for the environment and local surroundings beyond the immediate goal of providing inexpensive wood. Clear-cutting is endemic. The South American and Asian contents which provide so much of the raw material are populated by governments who pay little heed to the enormous burden of heavy industrial, unsustainable production.

Beyond the actual cutting of the wood, modern methods of stain and varnishing that are largely employed by enormous chain resellers take little or no account of the environmental impact of cheaper, less clean chemicals employed in rendering the wood itself more durable, or imparting a certain aesthetic.

Over the past few years, environmental conditions and political concerns over climate change and other related aspects of our shared planet have begun surfacing in the international community, particularly with the way wood is provided to its end purchasers. And yet there is growing demand for affordable products that come from certified, sustainable sources, a market less economically viable historically for lack of demand.

The vacuum is being filled, by companies like Duro Design, which has been in the vanguard of the movement since inception. The Duro Design experience and commercial history, with steadily growing demand and associated revenues, has proven that there is a significant place in the global renewable resource wood flooring marketplace for conscientious merchants to provide superior and beautiful wood flooring, with a variety of colors tailor-made, client-specific, at prices that have been ever so steadily dropping to compete with traditional woods.

The American Market

Blue Star Opportunities Corp. intends to make the entire Duro Design product line, supply chain and distribution network available to the American market.

The American market is currently undergoing deep transformation. Traditional vendors of wood flooring have been slow to move into the renewable resources that a growing market segment now demands, from environmentally certified products to durable affordable installations.

With a growing number of primary resource companies subscribing to new industry norms of sustainable, renewable production and to the LEED credit system, the cost to end purchasers has been driven dramatically down over the past decade.

  • Millions of potential customers in North America alone, looking to alternatives from their traditional hardwood sources.
  • Very few certified, registered distributors of these products; and those that there are do not have staining, varnishing and design teams utilizing proprietary pigmentation techniques
  • The total global market for renewable resource wood flooring is in the hundreds of billions
  • Fewer than 2% of wood purchasers currently deal in renewable resource wood products, a number that is set to grow at a fast rate for the foreseeable future.


Philippe Dorget - President

Philippe Dorget, is a seasoned executive with significant expertise in marketing communications. He holds a bachelor degree from McGill University. Over the years he served as a senior executive for some of America's leading advertising agencies including the likes of Foote Cone & Belding. Through the years he has been responsible for major national communications and advertising campaigns for such world brands as Renault, Mazda, Martini& Rossi, Zenith, and Kraft Foods as well as for major retail chains. Philippe serves as President of the corporation since 2012 and was instrumental in steering it back to its roots as a supplier to the housing industry.

Joseph Hozer - Chairman

Chairman Joseph Hozer leads the company's current expansion drive into diversified markets segments. He has a 15 year track record of successful innovation in alternative green materials and has been instrumental in building the Duro Design brand in the US and Canadian private and institutional construction space. Mr. Hozer holds an engineering degree from McGill University.

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