Cork Flooring Patterns

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Incredible selection of cork flooring in 104 colors and six patterns.

<p>The most traditional of cork patterns, marmol's tonal variegations and texture are subtle. It is appropriate where a more subdued floorscape is required or conversely, in designs where the use of color dominates – such as in graphic patterns or mosaics.</p>
<p>3 1/2" wide blocks laid out in a rectilinear brick pattern. The effect over a span of flooring is akin to a wood parquet floor or a classic travertine floor.</p>
<p>A subtly topographic pattern whose relative uniformity shows off beautiful whorling cork textures while retaining a homogeneous feel for the entire floor.</p>
<p>A strongly linear pattern made up of 1/2" wide continuous strips. Highly effective for accentuating linearity or introducing an exciting dynamic element to a space.</p>
<p>A dynamic and variegated pattern of that exploits the beautiful organic tapestry of the cork oak's growth pattern.</p>
<p>A more intensely contrasted version of Cleopatra. Its deep black rivulets are dramatic with vivid stains and also very effective with highly saturated stains.</p>
Cleopatra Negra